What's in a name?

Want some ideas for your quiz team name? Look no further...

3 Degrees and an A level
664 the Neighbour of the Beast
Agatha Quizteam
And in last place...
Anglian River-Wideners Club
Axis of Ignorance
Baldrick's Cunning Plan
Bar Stewards
Beating Chastards
Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow
Bloke at the bar
Blunders never cease
Bonfire of the Profanities
Born To Drink Mild
Bright Sparks
Chalk McHugh
Crash Test Dummies
Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber
Cupid stunts
Does Grey Matter?
Don Quizote
Dude, where's my answer?
Dyslexic Brians
E = MC Hammer²
E for Idiot
E.Norma Snockers
Eddie Quizzard
Elvis's Killer Sandwiches
Fat Kids Always Win At Seesaw
Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap
Federal Bureau of Insemination
Gin'll Fix It
Hit a Shedgehog
Homer's Oddities
HTTP Hardly any Time To Prepare
Hugh Janus
I'm not a gynaecologist but I'll take a look
Inferiority Complex
Intel inside, mental outside
Ken Dodd's dad's dog's dead
Last Orders
Les Quizarables
Lord of the Rogerings
Memory Lapse
Mental Blank
Must Get Beers
My wife can't wrestle but you should see her box
Natural Born Losers
Never been Quizzed
No Eyed Dears
No Men Wisdom
No Oestrogen Here
Nobody Likes a Smart Alec/ar*e
Norfolk 'n' Chance
Norfolk 'n' Good
Oh no, my pen's running ou.....
One wheel short of a unicycle
Only here for the sweets
Phil Mc'avity
Pre Mensa Tension
Quiz & intelligence related
Quiz Eubank
Quiz Park Rangers (QPR)
Quizteam Aguillera
Quiztopher Collumbus
Quizzy Rascals
Scooby Dooby Don't
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Shy Teds
Smart Alecs
Smarty Pints
Snow Chance
Sod Gave the Queen
Stephen Hawking's Karaoke Machine
Suffolk 'n' close
Tears for Beers
The A Team
The Beefeaters
The Dead Parrots
The Good, The Bad and we left (insert name of absent friend) at home.
The Hindenburg Ground Crew
The Holy Hand Grenades
The Homogeneous's
The In-quiz-itors
The Knights who say Ni
The Lip Readers
The Master Debaters
The Muppets
The Natural Disasters
The Passion of the Quiz
The Robert Maxwell Swimming Club
The Saga Louts
The Saharan Kayaking Club
The Scrambled Eggheads
The Sidelights (Too dim to be headlights)
The Simple Minds
The Smarties
The Stooges
The Titanic Deck Chair Attendants
The Usual Suspects
The Venetian Road Sweepers
The Weigh Anchors
The Winning Team
The Z Team
Them in the corner
Thin Quizzie
Universally Challenged
Up Jacob's Creek without a paddle
Veni, Vidi, Whisky - I came, I saw, I drank
We Shot JR!!!
We thought it was a Disco!
Well oil beef hooked
Wet Spillage in Aisle 7
White Rankers
Wooden Spoons
Woozy Bankers